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Gen 101- research on a service organization

GEN 101- research on a service organization

The Head Start organization was organized to help the growth and development of newborns to three year olds. President Lyndon Johnson introduced the program as a part of the War on Poverty. The program was approved to meet the needs of underprivileged children by the Economy Opportunity Act 1964. The program began as an eight week summer program. In Children of such young ages were particularly taken care of because evidence shows that the younger the child is, the more important it is to begin dealing with their social skills and development.

There are several branches to the program; early head start, head start, Migrant and Seasonal Program, and American Indian-Alaska Native Program. Early Head Start works with strengthening development in infants. Some of the children enrolled are newborns. Head Start works to create a healthy environment within families. Migrant and Seasonal worker branch works with the children of both migrant and seasonal workers who meet the criteria for the program American Indian-Alaska Native Program was established to directly meet the needs of American Indian families and Alaskan natives and to help in getting their children prepared for school.

In order to be eligible for the Head Start Program, most of the participants are at federal poverty level. Other eligibilities can fall into addition help with family life and dealing with disabilities. Many of the programs have full services dedicated to helping children with disabilities and assisting the family with dealing with the disability.

Head Start’s goal is to use the combined efforts of families and staff to ensure that the child is taken care of. Head Start is a program, used nationwide, that helps to prepare children for school. Head Start helps both the child and the child’s family by bettering them social, nutritionally, and educationally. The program is able to focus on reading and math skills for economically deprived families by supplying grants to public and private, non-profit and for-profit organizations locally. The Head Start facilities encouraged parents to become more active figures in their child’s learning process by assisting them with their own education and employment standards. One of Head Start’s goals is to ensure that families are able to meet basic health needs. They do this by combining the efforts of family, staff, and health care professions.

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